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Water Cooler Repairing Services We Deliver

  • Comprehensive Troubleshooting
  • Water Dispensing Issues
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Filter Replacement
  • Circuit Board Repairs
  • Replacement of Damaged Parts
  • Refrigerant Recharge
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • 60-days onsite warranty on service

Water cooler Repair Services Plans


Water cooler Repairing Services

  • Leaking Water: One of the most obvious problems, leaks can damage the surrounding area, create safety hazards, and waste water.
  • Inadequate Cooling/Heating: If the water isn't being cooled or heated properly, it can lead to uncomfortable drinking experiences for employees
  • Strange Noises: Unusual sounds like gurgling, hissing, or rattling could indicate internal issues that need attention.
  • Water Dispensing Issues: If the water doesn't dispense properly or intermittently, it can cause delays and frustration for those trying to use the cooler.
  • Slow Dispensing Speed: Slow water flow can lead to longer waiting times and reduced overall efficiency.
  • Filter Problems: If the water filtration system is malfunctioning, it can compromise the quality of the water being dispensed.
  • Freezing/Condensation: Excessive condensation or freezing on the exterior of the cooler could be a sign of internal temperature control problems.
  • Broken Faucet or Button: If the dispensing faucet or control buttons are broken or malfunctioning, it can render the water cooler unusable.
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Shri Mohd Yameen Ji owner of this firm Friends Air Conditioning Works is not only a technically very thorough person in his field of Air conditioning repairs and maintenance, but a thorough gentleman as well. He works along with his team with full dedication and tries to deliver services upto the mark better than your expectations at a reasonable cost. I was facing a problem in my window AC, which was repaired by him at a reasonable cost.

Richa Mehra Richa Mehra

There was water leakage from my split AC. Now my problem has been solve with in one hour. I'm very happy. Thanks a lot.

Pradeep Singh Pradeep Singh

Very experienced worker. I really appreciate there work. I really like there services.. Recommend to everyone

Gyatri Kumari Gyatri Kumari

In evening I received my window AC around 7pm evryone rejected to install window AC after 7pm even the shop from were I purchased he too not received the call for installation but this service agent done for me happy to share this experience

Sarthak Bansal Sarthak Bansal

I like the way how they did their job . On time . Highly recommended.

Tanya Saxena Tanya Saxena
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